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best tax accountants near me

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What is our CPA VIRTUAL 
Cloud Tax Preparation Service

Accountant for Freelancers

Our VIRTUAL cloud tax preparation service allows us to work more efficiently while giving you the value you deserve. We use a secureonline portal to share documents and hold video meetings so you save time from driving back and forth to us. If you prefer a chat on the phone instead of an online video problem.

Tax Preparer

How it All Works

Accountant for Freelancers
CPA Virtual Tax Preparation
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Free Consultation

Have a phone or an online video consultation so we can explain the process, get to know you, and discuss your tax situation


We email you a link to set up your account and log-in credentials to our secured Intuit "Link" portal so you can answer a few questions, upload images of your tax documents, and communicate back and forth during the tax prep process.

Tax Preparation and Wrapping Up

We receive alerts whenever you provide information and add documents so we stay on top of your return.

Once your return is completed, we will review it with you before we both e-sign it, and lastly, we e-file it for a quick refund.

More on Virtual Tax Preparation​​

Accountant for Freelancers
Benefits of Virtual
Individual Tax Preparation
Process and Pricing

We take pride in providing you 5-star service from start to finish and look forward to getting to know you.


We use highly rated​ ProConnect Online Tax software for all individual and business tax returns. This technology drives efficiencies to keep your costs down. We also offer in-person services.

Start the tax return process by sending us your email address:

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H&R Block's Tax Prep Checklist is our favorite. Attach the checklist to a folder and check items off as you add them to the folder to ensure you don't miss an important tax document.

2021 Tax Return Preparation Checklist
Benefits of Virtual
Benefits of Virtual Tax Preparation
  1. This process saves time for both of us and keeps things well organized so we can provide you with more valuable work
  2. Increases accuracy
  3. Our software generates a checklist to ensure completeness
  4. Reminders are automated
  5. E-signature makes it convenient
  6. Security: Your log-in credentials are never exposed and all your data is safe with 256-bit encryption
  7. Your return is shared securely, signatures are created using the keyboard and you get e-filing for free
  8. Our online digital process is safer than paper.  Your returns and documents are available to you for up to 7 years
Benefits of Virtual Tax Preparation

Do you provide free initial consultations?
Yes.  We can have a discussion on the phone or use video conferencing to discuss needs, goals, and pricing.

How do you price your services?
We provide our clients with a fixed price which you can find on the next tab. Additional work caused by unorganized records may add to the pricing.

When will you bill me for your services?
For individual tax preparation services, we’ll invoice you when we complete your tax return. For on-going services, we provide invoices at the end of each month.

What can I do to reduce my fees?
Since we use awesome technology and offer great pricing, we have no wiggle room.

Is my personal data safe?
We are committed to safeguarding your personal information. We follow IRS and state regulations.

Are you capable of handling tax filings in other states?
Yes.  Every state in the union and Canada.

What should I do if I get a tax or audit notice?
Please call us first so we can put your mind at ease.  If it is an audit notice, do not call the tax authority without talking to us first. If there is a section on the notice authorizing us to communicate with the taxing authority, please sign it and provide us with a complete copy of the notice so we can respond to the taxing authority in a way that best serves your needs.

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I’m starting a new business. Can you help me?
Yes.  Alto CPA Group, LLC. can guide and assist you every step of the way along with our partnered service of business formations.  The type of business structure that will be most advantageous to you requires an in depth look at what your plans are.  As for software needs, we can guide you on every business process under your roof.

Can you help my business with accounting and business decisions?
Yes.  We provide various levels of accounting and support for your business.

What is an engagement letter?

An engagement letter is a written agreement that outlines the details of a business relationship.  You will receive it directly from us.  Once you e-sign the engagement letter, it serves as an official contract where we agree to provide you with professional services in exchange for your payment.  We are happy to discuss any specific questions you may have about the engagement letter.


Pricing *

Alto CPA Group, LLC. prides itself in having a simple tax preparation fee structure that parallels the estimated time to prepare such returns. For the most part, we do not deviate from these prices, however, unusual situations may arise that prolongs the time required to prepare forms.

Price & Billing Policies

We offer competitive pricing and billing options.


Tax planning, e-mail or any other consultation that requires research, document preparation, or longer exchanges, are billed at $125/hour. 

Note: All tax prep services include Free e-signing and e-filing.


Upon the completion of your tax return, we will send you a PDF draft of the entire tax return.  After your approval, we will present our final invoice. We require a credit card or PayPal payment via an emailed invoice prior to e-filing. We do charge for extending the due date of your returns.

Engagement Letter

Engagement letters are required for all professional tax compliance services. 

Note: Additional fees will be charged for forms/schedules not listed in this document, audit representation, or to summarize information. Estimates available upon request.

Special $135   Price for 1040 Single filers   with up to three W-2's and 1099's.

Get started for $135
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Pricing: *
  • Pricing above is for our VIRTUAL on-line tax preparation service  where documents are securely uploaded by taxpayer. Add 20% for in-person and handing over tax return support.
  • You can contact us all year round
  • Includes basic tax planning services
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Start the tax return process by sending us your email address:

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