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Payroll Tax Filing
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Payroll Tax Filing

A CPA can help you comply with payroll taxes, government paperwork, insurance requirements along with helping you to monitor your processes and analyze your payroll productivity. 

Trusting Alto CPA Group with your payroll means you won't have to stress over the little things. We offer you all the services the larger providers offer with the personal attention of your most trusted advisor. While our prices are competitive, the advantage we have over other payroll services is our diverse business, accounting, technology, and tax experience.

Alto CPA Group has partnered with some of the best cloud solution providers with advanced automation for your payroll, compliance, HR and time & attendance needs. Let our CPA's customize an easy to use solution to accommodate your needs. 

Agility and Accuracy is our Payroll Promise to you

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the benefits we promise you

Payroll Tax Filing
  • Time-savings:  We deliver best practices to you
  • Accuracy:   We prove our worth by eliminating your worries  
  • Affordability:  Get more for your money. We stand by our monthly fixed cost pricing and we do not sneak in any surprise fees
  • Customer support:  You have our full support to get whatever you need 24/7
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We will Customize a Solution
the Way you Want it

Payroll Tax Filing

The right payroll software can save you countless hours and provide you with the peace

of mind you deserve and free you up to focus on what matters most — your business.

The Cloud: An online, paperless experience

Pay: Contractors, hourly/salaried employees and employee reimbursements; pay by check or by direct deposit

Compliance: We take care of all of your tax filings, and year-end W2's. We also ensure regulatory compliance

Self service on-line portal for employees and a secure employee document vault

Automatic filing of new hire paperwork

Flexibility: Select from weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly processing

Benefits: Offer any type of benefits for your employees including health and 401k

Workers' Comp: Automatically calculate premiums based on actual payroll data with pay-as-you-go worker's compensation

Time & attendance and PTO: Use GPS, facial recognition or punch in/out. Get overtime alerts and automate schedule reminders

Tracking Categories: Payroll is one of your largest controllable expenses. We can help you set up tracking categories to filter reports and analyze your payroll at a department level

Security: We ensure data security                                                                                     

Check out our "Value Essential" bundle for the best value for your business.
Payroll Automation
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Cloud Payroll

Our Solution Partners

Payroll Tax Filing
  • You get the most advanced technology
  • You get continuous enhancement of their software
  • You get fully secure and protection equivalent to or higher than what banks protect their data with
  • You get a guarantee to the timeliness and accuracy of all tax filings and payments with 100% coverage against any penalties and interest if the solution provider was at fault for the error or late payment


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