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Ways to Secure Your Data

Individual and Business Solutions

As a business, are you still using a network system to store your data or is an external service managing and securing your data? Today's Cloud services allow you to easily manage this process in-house and the capacity and pricing brings enormous scalability at affordable pricing. In addition, the cloud-based solutions we discuss are secure and encrypted with the highest levels of security.

Below we will discuss the differences followed by recommendations.

Cloud Sync Service Red Bank

Sync Applications

Users select the folders on their local computer drive (s) to continuously sync to the cloud application's secure servers which are then sync'd across all the user’s devices. Files can be shared with others. These services typically have a feature where you can retrieve previous versions of your data which is great if you inadvertently delete files.

Cloud Backup Service Red Bank

Cloud Backup Solutions

Disaster recovery comes to mind when we think of backing up data and that is exactly what is needed. Whether it is a natural disaster, accidentally losing files or needing an old version of a particular file, this type of backup is a must. If you still use a portable backup device, sell it. They can easily break down.

Cloud Backup solutions continuously scan all of your local drives in the background by looking for new and revised files that should be backed up, and will encrypt them for security, and then off they go to the cloud. 

Backup solutions are much safer as a good service will be HIPAA compliant, ISO 27001 compliant, and SOX compliant which means having audit trails, and the use of more powerful programs and software during all the phases of the backup process.

Cloud Storage  Service Red Bank

Cloud Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can get into very complicated services used by app developers for storing data and ordinary data sharing and regular backups for large businesses. This type of service will typically require a technology pro to work with the service. Care must be taken when dealing with these service providers as some will work with 3rd parties you never heard of.

Cloud storage of this nature is beyond the scope of our work with clients, so we have no recommendations to offer.

For Personal Use

Sync Application:

The big 4; Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive are all very good products. Then there is Mega.  Mega is one of the most secure services on the market with . I have personally used Mega for the past few years with no issues. This is what you get:


·   50GB of free storage on sign up that dwindles down to 15GB  after 1 month

·    End to end encryption - rare among sync services

·    Desktop client for Windows, Mac & Linux and apps for Android, windows phone and iOS

·    Preview files and   stream music and movies

·    Communicate with your contacts ((text and video chat)

·    Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox

·    Versioning and Sharing with others; Read only, Read / Write or Full access

You will find instructions on how to set up a Mega account on your PC at  Wiki How. As with any cloud sync account, export the 'master encryption key number' in case you forget your password. This is the only way to recover your account.

Cloud Sync Service New Jersey
Cloud Backup Service New Jersey

Small Businesses

SOLID and SECURE Sync Application combined with Backup (all in one):

IDrive Business combines a solid sync application and a great backup solution. You get an enterprise type solution at a small business price. 


·    Great pricing for small businesses

·    Private key encryption

·    End to end Military Grade 256-bit AES encryption

·    Centralized administrator console; manage backups or auto pilot

·    File Sync and Share

·    Historical view of your data with point-in-time recovery

·    IDrive Business is HIPAA, SOX (audit trail and records retention), GLBA, GDPR and SEC/NASD compliant

·    Stored in data centers withstanding natural disaster and monitored 24/7/365

Other Options

Sync Solutions:
As a sync solution,IDrive Business, which we reviewed above, is the only solution we recommend as you get backup as well. However, as a sync/document management system with powerful administrative controls and indexing capabilities, we recommend Zoho Docs if your business uses any other Zoho products. We cover Zoho in detail here.

Cloud backup solution:                                                                                              
Backblaze  is the easiest to use and the cheapest ($5 per user) It is considered a 'set-it-and-forget-it' solution and perfect for novices. Since they charge per user, we recommend them for a 1 to 2 person business and for personal use. Drawback: versioning is available for only 30 days.
It is considered a 'set-it-and-forget-it' solution and perfect for novices. Since they charge per user, we recommend them for a 1 to 2 person business and for personal use. Drawback: versioning is available for only 30 days.

IDrive Business  is a remarkable small business solution. Many small businesses are spending at least triple the cost for the same power and less features. Alert: Businesses that use internal networks for file and backup management, the total cost to operate your network is not only higher than IDrive for Business  in the cloud, there is no equipment to manage in-house. A very clean solution.

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