Value Essential Bundle
Payroll Tax Filing
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​Pricing for our "Value Essential" Bundle

Payroll Tax Filing

About the "Value Essential" Bundle

  • Affordable and Simple to use Cloud Solution
  • Full Service Payroll, Payroll Taxes and a convenient Employee Portal
  • Hosted on secure servers inside protected data centers
  • Highly rated by users and software reviewers
  • Add 1099 contractors and pay them in payroll with employees
  • Excellent Customer Service

Summary of Add-Ons

  • Human Resources
  • Time and Attendance
  • “Pay as you go” workers’ compensation insurance. Spread the premium over the entire year
  • A revolving line of credit and invoice factoring so you can have peace of mind in case of an emergency

MONTHLY Pricing and Features

Payroll, Payroll Taxes, and Employee Portal
Human Resources
Time & Attendance and Scheduling

Hire us for your business tax preparation needs and/or accounting services and save 15% - 20% off the prices below

  # of Employees Payroll ,  Payroll taxes, and Employee PayrollHuman ResourcesTime and AttendanceTotal Price
1$54 $10$12
 3 $78  $14  $16$108
 5  $102  $20  $23  $145
 7  $125  $28  $30  $183
 10  $159  $35  $38  $232
 15  $194  $48  $50  $292
 20  $237  $60  $63  $360
 25  $287  $73  $75  $435
 30  $332  $85  $88  $505
 40  $405  $110  $113  $628
 50  $456  $135  $138  $729
 70  $515  $185  $188  $888
 100  $578  $260  $263  $1,101


The above pricing includes state payroll tax filings for 1 state. There is a $10 charge per month for each additional state.

Outsource your payroll and accounting work to us:

Pricing above is reduced when combined with accounting and business tax filings from Alto CPA Group, LLC.  Our accounting and business tax pricing is very competitive and we highly recommend combining payroll and accounting serviced by the same CPA firm.  For further questions regarding the “Value Essential” plan, book a free consultation below.

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Payroll, Payroll Taxes, and Employee Portal


  • We will set up your entire payroll account for free:  Your account, company, payroll, tax settings, all employees & information, deductions, contributions and employees’ year-to-date payroll data
  • Securely run payroll online from anywhere on any device, as often as you like
  • You can pay hourly and/or salaried employees, bonuses, commission, and use PTO, vacation/sick time, or customize your own pay type. Track reported tips
  • Pay your employees with unlimited direct deposit accounts, or use printed or handwritten paychecks, or cashcounts, or use printed or handwritten paychecks, or cash

Payroll Taxes

  • Tax deposits are managed, and federal, state and local taxes are filed and paid automatically for you
  • W-2's and W-3's are filed at year end for you along with W-2's being mailed to employees
  • You get 100% guaranteed compliance; You are not responsible for any penalties and interest beyond your control 

Employee Portal

  • With the employee self-service portal, your employees can securely access/view/change/print personal payroll information including emergency contact information, pay-stubs, pay history, manage their payroll withholding, payroll direct deposit, time-off activity and time-off balances.
Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Maintain paperless records by uploading and storing your employee records/files online and access critical employee information like emergency contacts, notes, employees’ employment history, job title changes and census data anytime, anywhere
  • Store your Employee Handbook and other company documents online for your employees to access anytime
  • Access history of job title changes, dates, etc.
Time & Attendance and Scheduling

Time, Attendance and PTO

Time & attendance:

Have your employees clock-in and out themselves via the online employee portal, then send completed time cards for review and approval, and on payday, click a button to run payroll

Time-Off Tracking: Keep track of allowed, taken, and available hours for vacation, sick time, or other customized hours

Employee Time Scheduling

  • Drag & drop scheduling from any device. Easily copy over last week’s shift schedule and revise or use automatic scheduling which considers your team’s availability and roles. Your team updates their availability and can request shift trades where you will be notified for approval
  • View  schedule by role, time, or employee and watch hours calculate automatically. Scheduling conflicts are highlighted
  • Publish schedule changes and your team will have up-to-date shift schedules via text, email, and mobile app
  • Get up to date labor costs with your updated schedule and input sales targets to ensure you are hitting your targets
  • See the weather right on the schedule