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Business Intelligence

We help small to mid-size businesses manage risk,

make decisions based on facts, and grow with confidence

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Powering Up Your Business with Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Connecting you to your business with intelligent insights

Is your business accumulating vast amounts of data? Data is meant to be actionable so you can efficiently run your operations. Whether you have your own business intelligence tool or seek our help, you want to drive profitable growth and capitalize on the data you produce.

Data analytics is no longer a large enterprise tool. With mobile apps and the power of cloud technology, any small or medium size business can put their data to great use.

Our Target Market includes small to mid-size businesses.

Why Us? 

With over 30 years of business operations, data science technology, finance, accounting, and business analytics, we can help you implement a business intelligence tool along with a reporting and analytics portfolio to provide your entire business with the insights they need.

Improve the performance of your business by replacing
outdated spreadsheets with the power of the CLOUD

Business Intelligence

Up to date with real time data

Consolidate all of your data from across your entire business

Save time and get rid of the errors that causes delays and reduces trust

Track actual results against budgets, targets, and last year in real time     

Get live dashboards and interactive charts for anyone to use

Dig even deeper into your data by building your own analytics and reports

Dig even deeper into your data by building your own analytics and reports

Dig even deeper into your data by building your own analytics and reports

Featured Solution; Zoho Analytics

Business Intelligence

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics solution that lets you create appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes. Here is a brief video overview of Zoho Analytics.

What is Zoho Analytics

Alto CPA Group, LLC. compliments their accounting with business insights.

Zoho Analytics is a sold as a stand-alone self-service BI tool, as well as an integrated solution with other Zoho and third- party applications.

Although SMB's make up most of the users of Zoho Analytics', the company also targets enterprises on a small budget.

Cool features:

  • Zoho Analytics integrates Zia, an intelligence assistant using artificial intelligence that enables users to ask questions like 'Provide me yesterday's sales by department and channel, ‘and Zia generates a visualization of the answer.
  • Auto blending of data identifies the connection between applications to make it easier to create reports and dashboards from data scattered among various applications.
  • Forecasting algorithms for predicting future trends based on historical data

Data Analytics

Financial Bench-marking:

How is your business performing compared to your industry peers? We help you spot industry trends, and norms that will provide you with opportunities for performance improvement in your business.

Operating Margin and Gross Margin Analytics:

Whether we customize exception reports or financial reports, optimizing your margins is the target. Through skilled analysis we identify opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Dashboarding and Data Visualization:

Whether you are in the office or on the go, you need a way to visualize your business’s key performance indicators to identify when and how to take action. We will help you develop the reports and dashboards you need so you get the business intelligence to understand what’s next for your business.

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This is a Heading

Business Intelligence

Sales and Leads


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Sales and Leads

Analyze performance to maximize your marketing. See how your campaigns are doing, take action, and calculate your ROI.  Easily identify issues. 

Sales and Leads

Get a better understanding of your user's journey by quickly analyzing and visualizing your product and customer data so you can build a stickier product.



Services provided: 

Business Intelligence; Implementation all the way to custom analytics and analytics executed by triggers and workflows.

Goals: Provide a single source of the truth; fulfill all of your reporting requirements; Answer all of your why? questions and more.

Businesses need to be data driven what’s the right analytics and reporting Key decisions on pricing, inventory and procurement can be made confidently using agreed-upon data. 4 key areas for business intelligence

  • Financials. Projections vs actuals. They may even want this information drilled down by product, industry or client. Profit margins, track: expense profit per customer, growth rate and customer retention rate.
  • Customer Satisfaction. From the number of customer service calls you receive to your product recommendations in the market. What is your complaint rate? Return rate? Customer satisfaction survey results?recommend you to their friends and family?
  • Marketing
  • Productivity. How are your business units accomplishing their goals—what’s the percentage of completion to each departmental goal? Is inventory matching production? Are customer quoted deadlines being met? Are your employees happy? This category may even include stats like employee retention numbers.

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