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Migrating to Zoho Books

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Zoho Books

Accounting Services

Finding the right accounting software for business owners is often a task delegated to their CPA’s or accountants. However, what may be accommodating to their CPA’s or accountants, is not necessarily the best option for their business.

Does your current accounting software meet all your business requirements?

At Alto CPA Group, we help businesses work smarter with advanced cloud accounting and financial solutions that will reduce their operating costs, and save them valuable time so they can focus on growing their business.

Zoho Books can be Bundled with a Suite of 45 Applications

Accounting Services

With over 45 fully integrated applications, Zoho One can run your entire business at a very low monthly cost. On a comparable basis, you will need to connect a multitude of external applications to Quickbooks Online and Xero that can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Zoho One will set you back less than $50 a month. 

Is Zoho One for every business? We are certified advisors of Zoho products as well as Quickbooks Online and Xero.  Each business has unique needs so we recommend applications based on your specific needs.

Zoho One helps you manage, connect, and automate business processes across your entire business. Alto CPA Group runs their entire business on Zoho One.

Accountant for Freelancers
  • Here is a very small list of applications you get with Zoho  One:

    • Turn your receipts into expense entries by snapping a picture with Zoho Expense
    • Manage your customer relationships with Zoho CRM
    • Get effective project management with Zoho Projects
    • Get advanced reporting metrics with Zoho Analytics
    • A robust document management system Zoho WorkDrive
    • A very smart schedule management system Zoho Bookings manages client bookings, customer payments and more
    • Zoho Creator lets you customize applications with a drag-and-drop interface to automate and manage your clients' data
    • Much, much more

Zoho Mobile Apps to Manage your Business on the go

Accounting Services

Much of our online time comes from mobile devices. Why not run your business on the go? With Zoho’s over 40 mobile applications, you can run your business on the go just like you do in the office. Best of all, Zoho’s mobile apps are easy to use so use your mobile device as a powerful business and collaboration tool.

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